How to hack this blog

Whenever I pick up old projects, I have to start by trying to remember the location of any documentation or notes I previously wrote down.

This blog runs on software called Ghost and is hosted on Heroku infrastructure.

In this setup, programmatic email support isn't provided. Without setting up some mail service you'll get errors like DeliveryError: Message delivery failed: 554 Please activate your Mailgun account. That may or may not be a trivial next step.

The quickest way around this in my setup is these steps:

  1. Make sure heroku toolkit is installed and working on the mac
  2. In the mac Terminal: brew install postgres
  3. heroku accounts:set lacyrhoades
  • This is to say, don't try to connect to apps I use for "work", instead connect as regular me.
  1. heroku pg:psql -a subspec
  • Connect to the Postgres database associated with an app called subspec
  1. When presented with the psql command line: UPDATE users SET password='$2a$10$BQToDNdBtBKCvnrTmMi5m.NK.7i6Qx7YASs.jTkE86I5zqxzE8klC' WHERE email = '';
  2. That's it. If everything works I just bulldozed the hash for my own password with the hash of the string "password".